Eco-Edge Landscapes Achieves Growth through CAT Dependability

Eco-Edge Landscapes Achieves Growth through CAT Dependability

In the realm of landscaping, the significance of dependable machinery cannot be overstated. Recognizing this, Bjorn Pohland, the proprietor of Eco-Edge Landscapes, leveraged the unwavering prowess of Cat Equipment and the outstanding assistance from Finning. This strategic partnership has propelled Eco-Edge Landscapes to emerge as one of Kelowna’s (Canada) esteemed landscape enterprises.

Commencing with a battery-powered lawnmower for landscape upkeep, Eco-Edge Landscapes has progressively ventured into heavier machinery and larger-scale projects over the past 14 years. Their expertise spans an extensive spectrum, encompassing tasks ranging from irrigation and foundation preparation to intricate excavation work.

“Our capabilities span a wide range,” Bjorn elaborates.

For the optimization of project efficiency, Eco-Edge Landscapes places its trust in Cat machinery. The company’s array of equipment has consistently expanded, evolving from their initial 236B Skid Steer to encompass excavators and loaders.

“We’ve been utilizing Cat machines from the very beginning,” notes Steven Wilson, who serves as the equipment operator and truck driver for Eco-Edge Landscapes.

Beyond efficiency, Cat equipment boasts another remarkable attribute – its design is centered around operator convenience, making it a favored choice.

“Above all else, a Cat stands out. The level of operator comfort it provides is unparalleled,” affirms Nathan McInnes, equipment operator and supervisor at Eco-Edge Landscapes.

The equipment offers creature comforts like heated seats and Bluetooth stereos, along with the option for smart attachments such as the Dozer Blade, Grader Blade, or Backhoe.

At the core of fostering the partnership between Eco-Edge Landscapes and Finning stands Tyler Chursky, a dedicated sales representative. His unwavering commitment and accessibility have proven essential in guiding Bjorn’s decisions regarding the machinery that will drive his company to its greatest achievements. Bjorn underscores:

“We have the assurance of their support, and whenever we require additional equipment, Tyler is right there to facilitate the process.”

Tyler approaches the connection with a perspective that transcends mere transactions. It transcends the roles of customer and salesperson and evolves into a genuine conversation.

“Tyler’s approach has made the entire purchase journey seamless, starting from understanding our business requirements to identifying the ideal machine,” Bjorn affirms.

Bjorn fully leverages Finning’s offerings, including their comprehensive Customer Value Agreements, which encompass valuable services like on-site service technicians – a critical resource in reducing operational downtime. Tyler elaborates:

“We proactively address potential future concerns through preventative maintenance. Our technicians and condition monitoring team at Finning can assess the machinery, ensuring we mitigate issues in advance.”

Eco-Edge Landscapes and Finning constitute a robust and unwavering partnership.

“Finning provides us with a comprehensive range of offerings – from parts and equipment to service. They stand by us whenever we require their assistance,” Bjorn confirms.

Their collaborative efforts work in synergy to propel Bjorn towards his aspirations. Moving forward, Eco-Edge Landscapes envisions expansion by staying attuned to the innovative technologies introduced by Cat and Finning.

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