Specifications of Caterpillar D3 Compact Track Loaders

Specifications of Caterpillar D3 Compact Track Loaders

The increasing appreciation for compact track loaders lies in their capacity to facilitate tasks with greater ease. This recognition is attributed to the integration of advanced technology, machine features that streamline labor, and inventive attachments. These elements collectively empower customers to optimize their time and profitability by automating repetitive activities such as grading, digging, and loading.

Incorporation of advanced technologies enables Cat CTLs to execute these tasks with reduced user intervention. Notable features encompass dual-direction self-leveling, return-to-dig, and work tool positioning. Cat CTLs can be seamlessly paired with the Smart attachment lineup, encompassing the Smart Grader Blade, Smart Dozer Blade, and Smart Backhoe Attachment.

Featured: 259D3

Specifications of Caterpillar Compact Track Loaders

Boasting a 75-hp package, the 259D3 model offers a plethora of standard attributes, such as torsion suspension undercarriage, dual-speed travel, a rear-view camera, an interactive full-color display, and Smart technology. The optional one-piece enclosed cab design ensures remarkable in-cab comfort. Expanding versatility is as simple as integrating an array of attachments, including Smart Attachments.

Newest Attachments for Caterpillar D3 Сompact Track Loaders

Caterpillar compact track loader

Caterpillar’s latest external control kit broadens the application of Caterpillar’s Smart Blades to Cat D and D2 series compact track loaders. These control kits facilitate the utilization of the GB120 and GB124 Smart Blades on earlier model fleets. Additionally, the newly introduced 3D grade control kit leverages existing connections to incorporate automated blade control to the Cat Smart Dozer Blade.

In the past, Cat’s Smart Grader Blades were accessible to users owning Cat D3 series compact track loaders. The novel external control kit now offers the capability to operate Smart Grader Blades across the entire D-series lineup and on specific older models.

Incorporating a third joystick, the fresh external control kit encompasses functions such as elevation adjustments, tilting, angling, and wing operations, complete with smart control capabilities for D3 series machines. It also encompasses essential components like wiring harnesses, a RAM mount, brackets, and all the essential hardware for proficient smart grader blade control. The kit introduces selectable modes for left, right, and tandem control, and seamlessly interfaces with Cat Grade and Earthworks GO! systems.

Caterpillar also offers a 3D GPS/GNSS grade control solution designed for compatibility with these Smart Grader Blades. This technology effectively directs the operator in achieving precise grading for planes, slopes, contours, and intricate curves. It delivers guidance for both vertical blade height and horizontal positioning, allowing the system to either provide guidance based on a design loaded into the grade control system or control the blade accordingly.

The fundamental Cat Smart Dozer Blade is equipped with the essential connections needed for installing 3D-grade control components. For pre-existing machinery and Smart Dozer Blades, both software updates and hardware are readily accessible, enabling the operation of grade control.

Expansion of Cat Command for Loading to Compact Track Loaders

Caterpillar compact track loader

Caterpillar is currently in the process of extending Cat Command for Loading functionality to its D3 series compact track loaders. This innovative feature allows for remote operation of compact track loaders via joystick control, eliminating the need for an operator to be physically present within the machine.

On compact track loaders, Cat Command for Loading will be accessible in two distinct setups: line-of-sight operation directly at the job site, and non-line-of-sight operation achieved through a remote station positioned off-site. This functionality empowers users to manage the machine from a secure location, ensuring optimal machine productivity even in challenging operational conditions.

An easily installable field kit, provided by dealers, equips any Cat D3 skid steer or compact track loader model for Command compatibility. The line-of-sight setup features indicator lights, a microphone, a wireless receiver, and antennas affixed to the cabin roof. The Command activation switch is positioned behind a lockable door accessible at ground level. For the non-line-of-sight variant, front, rear, and side cameras facilitate comprehensive 360-degree viewing. As Command controls seamlessly integrate with the machine’s electronics, users can expect the same level of control response they would experience while operating from within the cab. This ensures consistent productivity even from a distance.

The line-of-sight version of Command for Loading incorporates a control console secured by a shoulder harness. Within this setup, machine controls like startup/shutdown, bucket rack/dump, lift/lower, rpm adjustment, horn, creep control, and auxiliary hydraulic functionality are conveniently accessible through the Command console’s intuitive control layout.

Two distinct line-of-sight consoles will be on offer, each offering varying levels of functionality and control for hydromechanical attachments. The operational range for both line-of-sight Command consoles extends up to 300 meters (984 feet), enabling remote operation with ample coverage.

Introducing Smart Creep D3 Compact Track Loaders

Caterpillar’s Global Attachments Marketing Manager, Scott Britton, provided an overview of Caterpillar’s latest innovation, Smart Creep technology. Smart Creep is now accessible for Caterpillar’s D3 compact track loaders and skid-steer loaders when paired with cold planer and wheel saw attachments. This advanced feature enables Smart Creep to detect the attachment load, consequently fine-tuning the drive command to maintain the cold planer or wheel saw at its optimal operational speed.

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