Opt for Increased Profits by Transitioning to CAT Electric Lift Trucks

Opt for Increased Profits by Transitioning to CAT Electric Lift Trucks

The CAT EP14-20(C)N2(T) range of agile and intelligent 1.4 to 2.0 tonne 48V electric lift trucks elevates operations to unprecedented levels. Brimming with technological and ergonomic advancements, these lift trucks from CAT outshine in every aspect. Each enhancement contributes significantly to enhancing your business’s profitability.

Offered in both 3-wheel (T) and 4-wheel configurations, along with standard or compact (C) chassis options, CAT EP14-20N2 models deliver:

  • Enhanced durability and cost-effectiveness. With longer-lasting components and systems requiring reduced maintenance and energy consumption, the total cost of operation (TCO) is reduced.
  • Increased performance and efficiency. These forklifts introduce remarkable agility, speed, and precision to every task, minimizing downtime and amplifying your productivity.
  • Optimized ergonomics and safety. Driver contentment and productivity are heightened, while the likelihood of work-related health issues and costly accidents is minimized.

Durability and economy

CAT electric forklift trucks are engineered for resilience in challenging environments such as wet, dirty, and dusty conditions. Ensuring the effective sealing of crucial components is crucial to achieving this. Additionally, the trucks’ minimal maintenance requirements, extended service intervals, and streamlined servicing procedures contribute to cost and downtime reduction. The inclusion of features like rapid battery access and lateral removal capabilities accelerates inspection and replacement processes. Furthermore, the user-friendly, multifunctional color display promotes proper truck operation and maintenance practices.

The forklifts utilize fully electronic magnetic brakes, which not only demand less maintenance but also conserve energy. Likewise, the energy-efficient and durable LED working lights contribute to prolonged usage. Furthermore, CAT latest electric motors enhance energy efficiency while delivering better precision in acceleration control and generating increased torque at lower speeds due to their extended RPM range.

You have the option to select either lead-acid or lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. Opting for Li-ion technology offers extra savings in terms of lifetime costs. It enhances efficiency, extends the runtime between charges, reduces maintenance requirements, and significantly prolongs the battery’s overall lifespan.

Performance and output

EP14-20(C)N2T Small Electric Forklifts

Operators find these CAT electric counterbalance forklifts incredibly attuned to their needs, fostering contentment, confidence, and exceptional productivity. The vehicle exhibits an almost intuitive understanding of the operator’s intentions and promptly reacts to their commands. The CAT Responsive Drive System 2 (RDS2) is pivotal in achieving this level of interaction.

RDS2 traction tuning swiftly adjusts performance based on pedal input, guaranteeing seamless driving motions, starts, and stops. Simultaneously, RDS2 mast tuning continuously aligns with the operator’s hydraulic control actions, optimizing functionality, sensitivity, and response speed according to the operator’s preferences, thus enhancing the overall user experience.

The optional SmoothFlow load-sensing hydraulic system enhances the precision of forklift load handling. It autonomously adapts to the load’s weight, ensuring precise, seamless, and consistent control. (In conventional forklifts lacking such intelligent hydraulics, variations in load weight can lead to distinct sensations during lifting and lowering.) SmoothFlow consistently adjusts for weight fluctuations, even during concurrent usage of multiple hydraulic functions. It maintains uniformity in all mast and fork movements.

Enhanced mast stability features encompass passive sway control, automatic speed adjustments based on height, and a sturdy design. These combined elements ensure consistent, secure, and manageable mast performance.

Navigating these electric lift trucks is remarkably seamless and nimble, attributed to their dual-drive 4-wheel steering system. The rear turning axle with a +100⁰ range allows instant lateral turns, eliminating the requirement for initial backward motion. Operators also gain from automatic speed-dependent steering ratio and force adaptation, along with sophisticated curve control. These functionalities enhance accuracy, turning velocities, and stability. Additionally, an optional electric differential lock enhances traction on slippery surfaces.

A time-efficient feature available on CAT 3-wheel electric counterbalance forklifts is the 360⁰ steering. This functionality permits the truck to seamlessly change direction without stopping, enhancing maneuverability. This not only lessens the load’s exposure to G-forces but also allows for safer and faster turns. You have the option to choose between pre-set ECO and PRO performance modes to match different drivers or tasks. Alternatively, a service engineer can configure customized settings for diverse parameters.

To ensure consistent and robust performance, even under heavy loads, the truck can be optionally fitted with PowerBurst. This feature automatically provides an additional burst of torque whenever required, whether to sustain ramp speed or to achieve rapid acceleration. Another performance-related decision is whether to opt for lead-acid batteries or the upgraded performance and extended runtime of Li-ion batteries. With Li-ion, the capability for fast opportunity charging permits uninterrupted operation without the need for battery replacements.

Ergonomics and safety

EP14-20(C)N2T Small Electric Forklifts

Operators of varying sizes appreciate the well-designed, roomy operator compartment tailored to their requirements. An expansive ‘entry window’ and a clutter-free floor are accessible through a low, deep, and wide step, facilitating swift and safe entry and exit without tripping hazards. Ample seat and steering column adjustability options ensure a comfortable driving posture for all individuals.

From this vantage point, the operator benefits from exceptional panoramic visibility, encompassing the front, bottom, and sides, with minimal obstacles. Quiet drive units and other noise-reducing technologies, such as CAT industry-leading SilentRun+ hydraulic pumps, enhance the overall comfort. These elements collectively help in preventing fatigue, tension, and discomfort that could otherwise diminish driver productivity and result in absences due to health issues.

CAT electric forklifts feature ergonomic controls, including a customizable armrest with an integrated fingertip hydraulic control unit, ensuring optimal hand positioning and anatomical comfort. Alternatively, you can opt for dual joysticks. Furthermore, you have the choice to switch out the traditional steering wheel for Palm Steering, an excellent option for drivers who spend extended periods seated, enabling effortless operation from a relaxed driving position.

In addition to precise control and unobstructed views that are essential for safe operation, the trucks are equipped with additional safety enhancements. One notable feature is Presence Detection System+ (PDS+). PDS+ encompasses an automatic parking brake, hill hold function, and, when the operator is not seated, it prevents travel and hydraulic movement. Furthermore, the truck can be equipped with various optional safety lights to further enhance safety measures.

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