Key Factors to Contemplate When Acquiring New or Pre-Owned Construction Equipment

Key Factors to Contemplate When Acquiring New or Pre-Owned Construction Equipment

Purchasing new or pre-owned construction equipment entails a significant investment. Although the allure of making decisions solely based on price may exist, it’s vital to take various factors into account to guarantee a favorable return on your investment. Here, CAT Rental Store outline the top four considerations to contemplate before making your purchase.

1. Reliability

Having every machine in your fleet primed for action is crucial to meet your clients’ requirements promptly and within budget. An unreliable machine can significantly hamper your company’s operational efficiency and tarnish its reputation.

Securing a machine’s dependability hinges on your ability to access the necessary replacement parts promptly. It’s essential to confirm the availability of replacement parts before finalizing your purchase decision.

2. Features

While you might not require every available feature, it’s essential to verify that the equipment you’re evaluating incorporates specific safety and operator functionalities. These could encompass enhanced visibility and ergonomic cabs designed to avert accidents and injuries. Features geared towards facilitating operation, like user-friendly control systems, in-cab displays, and measures to reduce noise and vibration, can significantly enhance operator efficiency—an advantage worth considering.

3. Fuel efficiency, maintenance, and repairs

Maintaining low fuel costs is pivotal for the prosperity of construction enterprises. It’s imperative to confirm that the equipment you’re evaluating is engineered to optimize fuel efficiency through proper upkeep.

In terms of maintenance and repairs, it’s essential for your team to be well-versed in the correct servicing procedures for your new or pre-owned construction equipment. Does the equipment you’re contemplating boast ease of serviceability? Is your team equipped with the necessary expertise to uphold and mend it? These inquiries necessitate resolution before you proceed with your investment.

4. Resale or disposal

The age-old adage holds true: quality corresponds to price. If you’re contemplating a purchase solely driven by cost, you might miss out on the resale value that could support your future machine acquisitions.

If resale value isn’t a concern for you, it’s still crucial to ponder the machine’s disposal when its lifespan concludes. Economical equipment might lack the design for reconstruction, potentially leading to environmentally detrimental disposal methods. Both Cat® and non-Cat equipment offer alternatives for handling used equipment, including trade-in, direct sale, or consignment options.

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