The new Cat® 350 excavator offers best-in-class performance and increased stability.

The new Cat® 350 excavator offers best-in-class performance and increased stability.

With high digging power and high torque, the new Cat ® 350 excavator can be equipped with large buckets up to 3.2 m3 (4.2 m3) for best-in-class performance.

Despite its performance, the 350 uses 13% less fuel than the Cat 349, helping to reduce costs, CO2 emissions and environmental impact. Three power mode options – Smart, Powerful and Eco – tailor the excavator to the task at hand to further reduce fuel consumption.

“Caterpillar is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by helping our customers achieve their climate goals,” said Brian Abbott, Caterpillar Global Product Manager for Large Hydraulic Excavators. “The Model 350 is our latest example of meeting this commitment.”

Boost efficiency with technology

Standard Cat 2D Grade on the new 350 displays depth and grade on screen with alerts to help you work more efficiently. Grade Assist helps the operator effortlessly stay on slopes while digging with a single lever. When loading trucks and digging trenches, Swing Assist automatically stops the loader in positions selected by the operator to save fuel. The lift assist system helps prevent the machine from tipping over by notifying the operator that the load is in a safe working area. To avoid obstacles safely, 2D E-Fence prevents the excavator from exceeding set points set by the operator.

photo by Caterpillar

Cat Integrated Payload Measurement provides real-time weight estimation to help you achieve accurate payload targets and improve efficiency. Combined with VisionLink ®, the wearable enables remote control of manufacturing operations. Alternatively, the monitor’s USB port allows fleet managers to upload up to 30 days of progress management work without an internet connection or a VisionLink subscription.

Technology upgrades available in the cab include Cat Grade with advanced 2D to create and edit slope projects on a second high-resolution touch screen and Cat Grade with 3D to create and edit projects on this second screen, as well as viewing the full range of front deformation joints. All Cat Grade systems are compatible with radios and base stations from leading ISVs.

Rugged and durable Cat 350 with minimal maintenance

The Cat C9.3B engine has more than 14 million hours of service, showing its long-term reliability. Synchronized 1000-hour oil and fuel filter service intervals reduce downtime. The hydraulic oil filter change interval is 3,000 hours, 50 percent longer than the previous model, and provides improved filtration efficiency.

The Model 350 can operate at altitudes up to 4,500 m (14,764 ft) above sea level. It has a standard high ambient temperature of 52°C (126°F), cold start capability down to -18°C (0°F) with optional cold start capability down to -32°C (-25°F). Automatic low temperature hydraulic heating increases machine speed and extends component life. The dual-element air intake filter with pre-filter has a large dust capacity, and the machine’s high-efficiency hydraulic fan provides automatic reversal to keep debris out of the grates.

Product Link™ automatically collects data and provides the fleet manager with critical information such as location, hours of operation, fuel consumption, downtime, maintenance alerts, diagnostic codes and machine status online via web and mobile apps. Machine uptime optimization, remote troubleshooting and remote updates allow dealers to remotely connect to the machine to diagnose fault codes and update the operating system. Operators can easily monitor filter life and maintenance intervals using the touch screen.

Caterpillar 350 – Management made simple and practical

The new 350 features easy keyless start using a button, operator password or Bluetooth key fob. Operators can program each joystick button to their preference using a unique Operator ID, and the machine will make individual settings based on the ID. The large, high-resolution touchscreen with scroll wheel provides quick navigation between machine controls and provides quick access to the machine’s digital user manual.

When cutting through hard material, the standard automatic dig boost provides an 8% automatic power increase for better bucket penetration, faster cycle times and higher lift capacity. Auto Heavy Lift offers an 8% lift capacity increase when you need it and for as long as you need it. With the push of a button, riders can switch to optional Cat Stick steering for easy one-handed control and cornering. To prevent wear on the excavator and equipment, the standard automatic jackhammer shutdown alerts operators after 15 seconds of continuous operation and then turns off the jackhammer after 30 seconds.

The luxurious interior is equipped with automatic climate control, a folding left seat console for easy entry and exit, and heated seats. Thanks to the ergonomic arrangement of all controls in front of the operator, this arrangement helps to reduce fatigue and stress during movement. Large cab windows and low machine profiles at the front, right and rear provide excellent, stress-free visibility to the work area.

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