The new Cat® D1 Mulcher features a sloped hood for improved visibility and a high performance drivetrain.

The new Cat® D1 Mulcher features a sloped hood for improved visibility and a high performance drivetrain.

The new Cat® D1 Forage Harvester features a high-performance transmission, closed-loop hydraulics, and enhanced protection specifically designed to optimize performance when clearing small to medium diameter material mixes.

Designed for use with the rugged Cat HM518 Forage Harvester, the D1 Forage Harvester produces a 188.2 cm (72 in) swath with each pass, making it the right machine for building and maintaining priority, landscaping, tree work, and fire separation.

The new forage harvester is equipped with a 77.6 kW (104 hp) Cat C3.6 diesel engine that meets US standards. EPA Tier 4 Final / EU Stage V emissions standard. An alternative emissions package for C3.6 is available to meet Tier 3 equivalent standards. The machine’s sloping bottom line improves visibility to the mulching header, allowing the operator to better assess the job site from the cab. A standard self-spinning fan removes debris from the heatsink and case, and a hinged grille requires no tools to access the heatsink for cleaning.

The Cat HM518 Forage Harvester Controller isolates machine vibration from the operator to reduce operator fatigue and is mounted on an air suspension seat. Inside the pressurized, heated and air-conditioned cab, the intuitive operator interface features a 25.4 cm (10 in) color touch screen and a standard rear view camera for improved visibility of the work area. The in-cab drum indicator provides a quick display of drum speed and direction to help the operator control travel speed and mulching performance.

The new HM518 stern frame, lined in high wear areas, offers extended service life. Hardened wear plates provide long service life and are quickly replaced. Offering a drum speed range from 2150 to 2450 rpm, the 38 fixed drum teeth feature a single screw carbide tooth locking design for easy replacement. The closed loop hydraulic circuit incorporates a load sensing hydraulic system to prevent damage to the rotor when it hits an obstacle. The HM518 mulcher has a maximum lift height of 78.7 cm (31 inches), a maximum tilt of 36.8 cm (14.5 inches) and a maximum tilt angle of 25 degrees on each side.

Standard debris, screens, windows and rear guards help protect the operator and machine while mulching. Thanks to a specially designed tractor platform, the D1 forage harvester is balanced and reliable, which increases efficiency when working in difficult conditions. Contractors can choose between standard (KSL) or low ground pressure (LGP) undercarriage designs, offering shoe widths of 40.4 cm (16 in.) or 63.5 cm (25 in.) respectively for increased flex and width. work in conditions of soft ground on slopes. and on uneven surfaces. To increase machine versatility, the new D1 Forage Harvester can be equipped with an optional variable pitch/angle/tilt (VPAT) blade in KSL, LGP or intermediate configuration.

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