Perkins Unveils New Identity and Strategy for Sustainable Power

Perkins Unveils New Identity and Strategy for Sustainable Power

Perkins is evolving to assist customers in challenging traditional perspectives and flourishing in a carbon-conscious future.

Perkins Engines recently unveiled its refreshed identity, a symbolic move reflecting their dedication to eco-friendly power solutions. Perkins, known for its innovative power solutions and strong presence in the diesel-engine sector, has adopted this new image to underscore its pledge to assisting customers in boldly rethinking traditional norms and discovering fresh avenues to fulfill their power and environmental ambitions.

Steve Ferguson, the president of Perkins, commented:

“As the world shifts towards a future with reduced carbon emissions, our customers face novel and often intricate challenges unlike any they’ve encountered before. Perkins is adapting to be there every step of the way.”

Having been an integral part of Caterpillar Inc. for over a quarter of a century, Perkins revolutionized the diesel engine scene in the 1930s. Since its inception, it has consistently evolved to aid customers in navigating technological shifts and tackling intricate challenges. The brand boasts a remarkable record, having manufactured in excess of 22 million engines. Presently, over 4.5 million of these engines are employed in a diverse range of over 5,000 applications.

A Fresh Strategy Mirroring Perkins’ Progression

Perkins’ revamped brand strategy conveys a straightforward pledge:

“Delivering smarter solutions to advance sustainable power.”

This strategy embodies a rejuvenated purpose, centered around aiding clients in constructing and powering a greener, more sustainable world.

Perkins slogan "Together, we power ahead"

The introduction of a fresh Perkins slogan – “Together, we power ahead.” – coupled with a more striking visual representation and an invigorated communication approach inspired by Frank Perkins’ trailblazing spirit and the brand’s legacy of exploration, aims to more effectively educate and engage customers. This will empower them to surmount obstacles and stride towards their lofty power and sustainability targets.

Elaborating on this shift, Steve Ferguson added:

“This rebranding effort marks a pivotal chapter in Perkins’ legacy. It’s a transformative juncture that will pave the way for our industry’s future, providing us all an unparalleled chance to leave a lasting imprint on the world.”

Perkins Embarks on Pivotal Transformations

Highlighting its devotion to solving customer-centric issues and propelling sustainable power, Perkins has recently initiated groundbreaking alterations across its global operations, innovation approach, R&D, and its product and service repertoire, which extends to post-sale support.

Jaz Gill, vice president of global sales, marketing, service, and parts, chimed in, saying:

“Our enthusiasm knows no bounds as we team up with our customers to shatter existing boundaries in ways only Perkins can envision.”

In its relentless pursuit of a greener, low-carbon future, Perkins continues to expand and refine an expansive and rapidly growing collection of avant-garde power product and service solutions, including:

  • 48V, 300V, and 600V lithium-ion battery solutions featuring modular structures and pre-installed telematics tailored to maximize efficiency in a myriad of future off-road applications.
  • Contemporary EU Stage V and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final industrial diesel engines and industrial open power units (IOPU) tailored to assist OEMs in curbing their greenhouse gas emissions.
  • A comprehensive spectrum of engines that, in their current form, can utilize an assortment of low-carbon fuels, including hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) and biodiesel.
  • Highly adaptable integrated diesel-electric hybrid drivetrains, ideal for an extensive variety of off-road applications.
  • Connectivity solutions equipped with hardware that deciphers vital engine data, presenting the user with timely, insightful information.
  • Advanced aftermarket offerings emphasizing sustainability via enhanced fuel economy and extended machinery lifespan, ranging from Perkins Hypercare bundles and renovation kits to comprehensive engine replacement options.
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