Attachments for Cat Mini Excavators and Backhoe Loaders

Attachments for Cat Mini Excavators and Backhoe Loaders

Introducing a variety of new attachments for backhoe loaders and mini excavators, Caterpillar enhances the versatility of these machines. This range includes demolition and sorting grapples, multipurpose grapples for Cat Tiltrotators, vibratory compactor plates, and cold planers.

Advanced Demolition and Sorting Grapples

The Cat Demolition and Sorting Grapple series now welcomes the G306 and G308 models, tailored for 5-6 ton and 7-10 ton mini hydraulic excavators respectively. Perfect for tasks in waste, recycling, and rigorous material handling, they ensure accurate material placement. Controlled by the excavator’s dual auxiliary functions, these grapples promise efficient material management with 360-degree bidirectional rotation.

Their sleek design facilitates access to confined areas. They have material capacities varying from 160 l (0.21 yd3) for the G306 to 240 l (0.31 yd3) for the G308. Their vertical perforated shelves guarantee durability, deep penetration, clear load visualization, and effortless positioning. Furthermore, a robust cylinder ensures a steady grip, while an internally driven swing bearing enhances the design’s lifespan.

Pioneering Cat Tiltrotators

Introducing the G206 and G208 Multi-Purpose Grapples as the initial hydraulic expansion for the Cat Tiltrotator lineup. Paired with the TRS6 and TRS8 models, these are compatible with 5-10 ton mini hydraulic excavators. They ensure optimum movement with TRS attachments.

The G206 and G208, crafted for 5-6 ton and 7-10 ton excavators respectively, offer robust clamping forces. They ensure consistent grapple pressure and shield against external damages, ensuring long-lasting reliability.

These grapples are perfectly aligned with the tilt rotate system. Built with AR450 steel, they promise durability even in the harshest conditions.

Enhanced Vibratory Compactor Plates

Caterpillar extends its vibratory plate compactor offerings with the introduction of the CVP28 and CVP55 models and has revamped the CVP16 and CVP40 designs. Ideal for compacting varied materials, they are a cost-effective solution for diverse construction projects.

The Cat CVP series is tailored to complement Cat machinery. They exhibit superior compaction performance and provide efficient power transfer. Additional features, like the swivel mount and backfill blade, expand the adaptability of these compactors.

Precision in Milling

Caterpillar’s new Cold Planers are optimized for smaller paving projects. They proficiently rectify asphalt and concrete surfaces, eliminating flaws and old lane markings.

The new PC35 and PC45 are compatible with specific backhoe loaders and mini hydraulic excavators, ensuring precise depth control for milling tasks. Their design maximizes productivity and simplifies operation for users.

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