Find the best equipment solutions with Axis Hire in Australia

Find the best equipment solutions with Axis Hire in Australia

Axis Hire is an Australian company that helps construction companies protect their fleets with a variety of certified Cat Rebuilds.

Since 2007, Axis Hire, based in Australia, has been helping leading mining, civil and construction companies across Australia keep their fleets in top condition, with a focus on long term equipment solutions.

Axis Hire was founded by CEO Mark Cates and was created based on a clear market need. Cates recognized the complexity and frustration inherent in long-term fleet leasing and decided to change the model by founding Axis Hire.

An integral part of Mark’s approach was to provide easy-to-understand and transparent lifetime costs, enabling companies to make the best long-term decisions for their fleet.

Cates also worked to ensure that Axis Hire always had a wide range of products. Axis Hire currently has over 850 different machines, from dump trucks and graders to bulldozers, water trucks, skid steers and more. However, rental and facility managers do more than help you purchase equipment. They also help with the selection and adaptation of the equipment used.

“Due to the size, market share and experience of our customer base, our customers are very specific when it comes to the needs of their fleet,” says Mike Brown, Axis Hire Rental Center Manager.

“The additional fleet is used to replenish the customer fleet during periods of peak performance or to fill gaps during scheduled maintenance.” However, recently we have also seen an increase in requests from Axis Hire to offer a complete mining solution (the entire mining fleet).”

Help customers customize their fleet with Cat® certified conversions

One of Axis Hire’s most recommended products are Cat Certified Repair Kits.

“Our customers benefit from Cat-certified protectors because they can benefit from later models and longer uptime,” Brown said. “Or they can revitalize their existing fleet to meet new equipment standards.” The same savings cannot be achieved by buying new equipment.”

Selling Cat certified protectors also benefits Axis Hire as a company. With a certified conversion, Axis Hire can immediately purchase and start repairing equipment while selling equipment that is available to its customers. At the same time, they avoid the upfront cost of a new car waiting to be delivered. Of course, recycled iron also has environmental benefits.

But long-term leasing of equipment concerns not only the fleet. This story is also about the people behind Axis Hire and how they meet customer needs.

“We don’t see ourselves as just another rental company,” Brown said. “We are a company with great resources and experience. We are distinguished by intelligent human capital, sound business practices with a complete and diverse fleet of low power, well maintained and fully specialized equipment.”

Benefits of Working with Cat Technicians

Axis Hire customers also benefit from direct contact and collaboration with Cat dealer technicians who handle most specialized remanufacturing jobs. It also means that work for Axis Hire customers can continue even if Axis Hire technicians have to do field work or work on pre-hiring for other customers.

However, the biggest benefit of partnering with Cat engineers is the assurance that their repair work is fully compliant with the Cat Certified Rebuild Program.

In addition to day-to-day work, Axis Hire also takes pride in playing an active role in helping the local community. During the bushfires in Australia earlier this year, firefighters called for water tanks east of Perth.

Axis Hire helped with a large water tank, which was donated to the local fire department for the duration of the fire.

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