Transforming the future of mining

Transforming the future of mining

In the modern world, mining has long been intertwined with everyday life. From the moment we wake up, turn on the lights and brush our teeth, we are already using a whole list of materials such as copper, steel, aluminum and fluorine.

In addition to personal use, copper, aluminum and other minerals are important components of new renewable technologies, from wind farms to solar panels and batteries for electric vehicles. According to recent forecasts, the global cleantech and sustainability market will grow from $11.2 billion to $36.6 billion between 2021 and 2025. cobalt can increase by almost 500%

Caterpillar’s mining customers are working to ensure the energy transition with safe, productive and sustainable mining solutions. Our company is well positioned to support customers along the way, combining the broadest portfolio of machines and automation products in the industry with almost a century of technical experience. Here’s how Caterpillar is focused on expanding its product and service offering to help customers achieve their sustainability and operational goals:

Collaboration: Mining sites are complex and each operation is unique. Therefore, in our relationship with clients, we focus on a specific and collaborative approach to solving the unique business challenges of our clients. In some cases, a customer’s goal requires a product that doesn’t exist yet, so we rely on customer feedback as Caterpillar designs and develops next generation solutions to meet their needs.

Electrification and Alternative Fuels: Caterpillar engineers are reinventing our machines in the mining industry, powering them with alternative energy sources and making them compatible with renewable fuels. These solutions help customers operate more economical facilities, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reduce total cost of ownership.

Connectivity and automation: Clients really want secure, predictable and productive locations. This is where Caterpillar differentiates itself by offering key Automation, Connectivity and Electrification (ACE) technologies. Our suite of MineStar technologies for manned and automated mines come together to create and maximize value and safety for our customers at the facility level. This package enables Caterpillar and Cat dealer service teams to digitally connect and monitor machine assets and alert facility managers to preventative maintenance opportunities that improve safety, productivity and profitability. They also provide optimal energy management as the site functions as a grid system.

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