Perkins 2806J-E18TAG1 Broadens EU Stage V Product Range

Perkins 2806J-E18TAG1 Broadens EU Stage V Product Range

Expanding its extensive lineup of EU Stage V power solutions, Perkins introduces a new inclusion to the collection: the 2806J-E18TAG1 ElectropaK

Leveraging over 90 years of design expertise and the operation of over 3 million Perkins-powered generator sets globally, Perkins comprehends the demands of the power generation sector. This wealth of knowledge and proficiency has guided the creation of the 2806J-E18TAG1, an innovative engine designed to offer a robust solution and seamless integration to cater to the needs of the electric power industry, according to the company’s statement.

Meeting the ISO 8528-5 G2 performance standard, the 2806J, now open for ordering, excels in handling varying loads across a diverse array of electric power applications. Whether as a stationary prime power source or a mobile unit catering to the rental industry, the 2806J performs flawlessly, generating reliable power for a spectrum of scenarios, ranging from construction sites to essential facilities like hospitals and data centers.

Keeping the Power On

“Consistent electrical power isn’t just a choice; it’s an essential requirement to ensure uninterrupted operations, be it as backup during main power outages or for fulfilling on-site prime power needs,” stated Jaz Gill, Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing, Service, and Parts.

“Our engines are meticulously designed and crafted to furnish our customers with reliable, steady, and eco-friendly power. The newly introduced 2806J is the latest addition to our extensive range, delivering not only exceptional performance but also minimizing the overall cost of ownership.”

For generator producers and end-users aiming to minimize their carbon footprint, the 2806J offers flexibility. Depending on the fuel adhering to Perkins’ specifications, the engine can operate using biodiesel up to B20 (a 20 percent blend of biodiesel with regular diesel) or even utilize 100 percent hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).

Connectivity Solutions to Help Generator Set End Users Maximize Investments

Generating a peak output of 610 kVA at 50 Hz, the 2806J is adaptable to 60 Hz, reaching a maximum of 625 kVA. The ElectropaK model incorporates cutting-edge electronics, featuring a single on-engine electronic control module (ECM). This design streamlines wiring harnesses, simplifies installation, supports forthcoming diagnostics, and seamlessly integrates with customers’ telematics solutions. The ECM efficiently oversees aftertreatment operations and regeneration processes without requiring operator intervention. Regeneration takes place automatically without affecting performance, ensuring optimal uptime.

Furthermore, Perkins provides an expanding range of robust connectivity solutions aimed at enhancing the peak performance of diesel engines. These offerings can be obtained independently from Perkins or seamlessly incorporated into the array of services provided by generator equipment manufacturers. Leveraging the potential of connected engine technology, users gain access to real-time insights via a customizable dashboard that tracks performance metrics, fuel and oil consumption, and essential engine data. This comprehensive information aids in optimizing the operational efficiency and uptime of equipment powered by Perkins engines.

These connectivity solutions seamlessly integrate with the expertise of Perkins’ global distributor network, enhancing the proactive diagnosis and resolution of engine-related issues. This synergy empowers technicians to swiftly address challenges, thereby reducing downtime and lowering repair costs.

Together, We Power Ahead

The latest addition, the 2806J-E18TAG1, complements Perkins’ comprehensive range of Stage V certified engines designed for electric power generation. This lineup includes the 400 Series, 904 Series, 1200 Series, 1700 Series, and the 2000 Series, offering power options from 4 kW @ 1,500 rpm to 559 kW @ 1,500 rpm.

Just like all Perkins engines, the recently introduced 2806J benefits from the backing of a worldwide support network consisting of 88 distributors that span across 185 countries. This ensures reliable and sustainable electric power precisely when and where customers require it.

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