An inside look at Caterpillar’s West Fargo ‘Reman’ plant

An inside look at Caterpillar’s West Fargo ‘Reman’ plant

The Cat Reman Plant in West Fargo specializes in “re-manufacturing” parts, including hefty 35,000-pound final drives that are crucial components holding the back tires of the company’s massive off-highway mining trucks. Despite some parts arriving in rough condition, the skilled workers transform them into pristine, good-as-new components through their meticulous re-manufacturing process.

Paul Olsen, the facility manager at Caterpillar’s operation in West Fargo, explains:

“We take the components that connect the engine to the wheels, bring them back here, and rebuild them. Our goal is to make them like new before shipping them out to our valued customers.”

“It significantly assists them in managing their ownership and operating expenses,” he stated.

Furthermore, this approach will prevent a considerable amount of the large parts used in their equipment from ending up in landfills. However, transforming these components from worn-out to pristine, good as new condition is a challenging process.

The process begins with workers disassembling the parts, which are then passed on to the next station where employees assess what can be reused and what cannot. Lastly, CAT reassembles the components and stores them until a customer makes a purchase, completing the efficient remanufacturing cycle.

It’s a constant cycle, to recycle.

Paul Carter, Caterpillar’s manufacturing engineer, shares his enthusiasm, stating:

“When we see the core come through the door, we transform it into this beautiful machine that gets installed in mines, serving a whole lifetime. And even after several years, we get to witness it once more. It’s like a continuous cycle – after it completes its life cycle, we get to start the process all over again.”

These parts and components don’t merely originate from and remain within the U.S.; they are sourced from various locations worldwide and shipped globally. Despite being a powerhouse with 250 employees in West Fargo alone, this impressive company, like many others, still requires assistance and support to continue its operations efficiently.

“We currently have openings for approximately 30 additional employees. These opportunities include roles for disassembly techs, assembly techs, inspectors, and material handlers,” stated Olsen.

Ryan Lewis, an operations manager at Caterpillar, highlights the positive work culture, stating:

“It’s a great culture here. We begin with a startup meeting and then smoothly transition into our work efforts throughout the day. From final drives to assembly to tear down, there’s a diverse range of tasks.”

Additionally, the operation offers competitive pay, with hourly rates ranging from $17 to $26 based on experience.

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