New Cat VisionLink Fleet Management Solution

New Cat VisionLink Fleet Management Solution

The upgraded and user-friendly interface of the platform enables customers to effectively oversee their complete fleet, regardless of the manufacturer. The improved asset analytics extract a wider scope of information from equipment that is either owned, leased, or rented.

The VisionLink system is a comprehensive solution that facilitates the management of the entire fleet, allowing for asset tracking to increase machine uptime and optimize machine utilization. The system’s intuitive interface, which has been updated, helps customers effectively manage their fleet, regardless of the manufacturer. Furthermore, the enhanced asset analytics extract a more extensive range of data from owned, leased, or rented equipment and attachments, enabling companies to make informed decisions regarding asset management.

The latest version of VisionLink, a cloud-based solution, can be accessed through desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. It consolidates the previous VisionLink apps, My.Cat.Com, and the Cat app into a single centralized fleet management solution. This simplifies the process for customers as all user accounts, personal settings, account configurations, and equipment subscriptions migrate seamlessly from the prior platforms to the new VisionLink.

The latest VisionLink mobile app supersedes the Cat app by providing users with access to their data while on the move and in the field. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms and allows users to remain updated on important metrics, asset location, fuel levels, downtime, and other information through their smartphone. The app has been designed with mobility in mind, utilizing all the key features of a smartphone.

Uptime and optimized usage

VisionLink has incorporated multiple updated features to aid customers in various everyday scenarios. The “Needs Review” feature enables customers to concentrate on crucial aspects by identifying areas where action is necessary and presenting a workflow for task planning. Additionally, the new Task Management feature is included as part of the Needs Overview, enabling customers to create tasks quickly or from scratch. This feature facilitates task assignment and provides documentation of task progress and completion.

The robust VisionLink platform tracks machine status, fault codes, S∙O∙S fluid analysis, and inspections for maintenance scheduling. Alerts can be assigned to key personnel when an asset requires immediate service to prevent downtime. Moreover, customers can use the new VisionLink mobile app to request service and order parts directly from Cat dealers.

Customers can assign a name to their machines using the app of their choice, providing distinct fleet management for each operation. The use of easy-to-navigate dashboards allows for assets to be managed based on project, group, and geofence. Additionally, customers can determine personnel access levels to VisionLink. Custom reports can be generated and sorted automatically to simplify tasks such as identifying underutilized equipment.

Technology Integration

We are excited to announce the continued advancement of VisionLink to assist our customers in managing their assets and enhancing productivity. As a part of this optimization of our digital products, we have renamed Cat Productivity to VisionLink Productivity, which marks the initial step in integrating it with the new and improved VisionLink. This integration, along with enhanced capabilities and integration, will enable us to deliver an enhanced and seamless customer experience.

VisionLink Productivity is a cloud-based application that enables customers to analyze construction site performance and enhance productivity using valuable insights, leading to increased efficiency and profitability. It is scalable to operations of any size, irrespective of asset brand, and can be accessed through cell phones, tablets, or desktop computers from anywhere.

The present VisionLink provides customers with optimized subscription levels that aim to simplify the process and offer the appropriate mix of features for businesses of all sizes. The latest VisionLink retains the fundamental standard of telematics data for every machine, providing crucial asset insights such as daily machine location, usage, fuel consumption, maintenance reminders, and integration with Caterpillar’s vast digital ecosystem.

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