Leading the Way in Digital Technologies

Leading the Way in Digital Technologies

At Caterpillar, we believe that connecting physical products with intuitive digital customer experiences is the key to the future. With the rapid adoption of new technologies, digital innovation is changing the user experience in ways we could not have imagined just a few years ago.

To secure the future of Caterpillar and support our customers, our leaders continue to invest in technologies that enable us to make the world’s smartest steel. This is an area in which we strive to maintain leadership.


Caterpillar has been using digital technologies in its products and services for decades – we have long known that they increase productivity, reduce costs and improve safety. The results speak for themselves. Today, we are leaders in the development of autonomous trucks because we had the first vision of how it could benefit customers and the industry. As a result, Caterpillar has the largest fleet of autonomous trucks in the world, now with over 500 vehicles.

But autonomy is just one example. In addition to autonomy, we use digital technologies to develop tools such as equipment control and condition monitoring that connect physical products with an intuitive digital interface. We collect and transform data into actionable information that delivers revolutionary value to customers throughout the product lifecycle.

So the inclusion of digital technologies is not new. But we are doing more, better and faster than ever, with more effort. And we set the pace for the industries we serve.

What is a driving force? Simple: we care about what our customers care about: efficiency, safety and productivity. By focusing on what matters to our customers, we help them achieve their goals and provide industry leadership in areas such as sustainability and safety.


When it comes to serving our customers, digital plays a key role – you’ll find digital insights woven into the hidden corners of virtually every Caterpillar product and service.

We are confidently following this path and have achieved a lot in this area, including:

  • Connect to 1.2 million resources
  • Promote online business
  • Build data infrastructure in the cloud
  • Using data to predict problems before they occur

By transforming data into actionable and actionable information throughout the lifecycle of equipment, we strive to ensure that our customers use our products and services more effectively than otherwise.

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