Caterpillar’s Peoria Demonstration Center Explores Heavy Equipment in Depth

Caterpillar’s Peoria Demonstration Center Explores Heavy Equipment in Depth

As one of just three learning centers globally, individuals from around the world visit Peoria County to gain insights into Cat equipment.

Comprising two indoor arenas, spanning 720 acres of land, and featuring seven outdoor demo sites, the Edwards Demonstration and Learning Center provides practical training for both customers and dealers.

“Our equipment is a stunning array of yellow machinery, all equipped with the latest technology,” remarked Chad Cremeens, the Facility Manager.

Nathan Myers, the Field Operations Manager, further highlights that the Demonstration Instructors they employ are proficient in the entire equipment range. He occasionally likens the search for suitable candidates to finding a needle in a haystack.

“We seek demonstrator instructors with a minimum of ten years of hands-on experience in the field, individuals who have immersed themselves in the world of dirt work,” Myers explained. “We’re not just looking for someone proficient in operating a single excavator or dozer, but someone capable of excelling with both machines at an advanced level and across all our product lines.”

Additionally, individuals who possess the ability to communicate effectively with customers and dealers are also sought after.

“We have individuals who have supported their families by operating equipment in real-world conditions,” Cremeens noted. “This situation benefits our customers tremendously, enhancing their comprehension of machine operation.”

The demonstration facility endeavors to present equipment in settings that mirror the conditions customers encounter on their own sites.

“We have a Corey site here, featuring rich potato soil, as well as a sand pit, and various scenarios to replicate the customer’s job site,” Cremeens explained.

Catering to diverse tasks such as construction, mining, and agriculture, the center offers machinery for a wide range of applications. Myers emphasizes that the center’s distinctiveness lies in its extensive fleet assortment and its ability to tailor solutions to the customers’ specific needs.

“For instance, we might exhibit a motor grader, then an hour later transition to an excavator for training, and subsequently introduce them to our roller,” Myers detailed. “This process aligns with the practical applications we cover during our training sessions.”

Furthermore, this approach enables customers to inspect the products before finalizing a purchase agreement. Importantly, no customer is considered too small. Myers emphasized:

“Irrespective of size, we are dedicated to assisting all customers. Every individual matters to us.”

The Edwards Demonstration and Learning Center typically doesn’t have public access, yet dealers and consumers can secure an invitation through their local Caterpillar dealer. For a more detailed exploration of the equipment’s interiors, one can visit the Caterpillar Visitors Center located in downtown Peoria.

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