Caterpillar Unveils Latest 988 GC Wheel Loader

Caterpillar Unveils Latest 988 GC Wheel Loader

Caterpillar has introduced the latest addition to its lineup: the new 988 GC wheel loader. This innovative machine is engineered to provide dependable and productive performance, enabling users to handle larger amounts of material at a reduced hourly cost, ultimately leading to quicker returns on investment.

The newly introduced loader boasts a remarkable decrease of up to 5% in fuel consumption and a substantial reduction of up to 15% in maintenance expenses when compared to the Cat 988K model. Engineered to optimize life-cycle value for moderate production scenarios of up to 2,000 hours annually, the 988 GC showcases the capability to achieve production levels within a mere 6% difference from the 988K in truck loading operations.

Caterpillar releases new 988 GC wheel loader

Designed for user-friendly operation and straightforward maintenance, the newly introduced 988 GC has been fine-tuned as a 45-tonne (50-ton) truck-matching loader. Its generous 3909 mm (12.8 ft) dump clearance facilitates efficient loading onto the Cat 775G truck. With a bucket payload aligned with the 988K model, the new 988 GC delivers a productivity of up to 670 tonnes/hour (740 tons/hour) for shot rock truck loading tasks and up to 527 tonnes/hour (581 tons/hour) for load-and-carry operations.

Crafted to endure through numerous lifecycles and endure the harshest loading scenarios, the new loader features exceptionally robust structures. Constructed upon the shared Cat large wheel loader platform, its complete box section rear frame effectively combats torsional impact and twisting pressures. The front frame has been revamped to withstand heavier loads and showcases an innovative lift arm design.

Reliable and efficient

The essence of the new 988 GC lies in its unwavering reliability and efficiency, anchored by the field-proven Cat C15 engine. This engine provides configurations to comply with EU Stage IIIA / U.S. EPA Tier 3 emissions standards or to meet the stringent EU Stage V / U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards. The cooling system of the 988 GC boasts enhanced heat rejection capabilities, incorporating an on-demand fan strategy and providing two fan speed options for both standard and high-ambient-temperature setups.

Incorporating a standard lock-up clutch, the Cat torque converter effectively eliminates losses, diminishes system heat, enhances travel speeds, and minimizes cycle times during load-and-carry tasks. Cat oil disc brakes are instrumental in not only boosting service life but also in enhancing serviceability, offering exceptional heat dissipation and performance capabilities.

Tailored for quarry and mining environments, the Cat Advanced Power Electronic Control Strategy (APECS) transmission is meticulously engineered to provide unparalleled performance, characterized by seamless and consistent shifting, as well as enhancements in productivity, efficiency, and durability. Maintaining continuous forward motion and torque during shifts contributes to increased momentum on inclines. Additionally, the transmission neutralizer pedal not only extends the lifespan of the service brake but also enables full power utilization during stationary loading operations.

Caterpillar releases new 988 GC wheel loader

Load-sensing hydraulics efficiently manage hydraulic flow, directing it to the implement and steering systems exclusively when required. This precision optimization of the new 988 GC’s performance and efficiency is particularly advantageous for load-and-carry tasks. Additionally, the optional ride control feature enhances the operator’s experience by incorporating an auxiliary accumulator into the lift circuit, resulting in a smoother ride, particularly in load-and-carry applications.

Easy, comfortable operation

The 988 GC achieves peak responsiveness thanks to its Steering and Integrated Control (STIC) steering system, which boasts an impressive up to 47% reduction in noise during operation. Operator comfort and fatigue are prioritized with the Cat Comfort Series III seat, complete with a seat-mounted implement pod that moves in sync with the seat. The user-friendly experience is enhanced through an intuitive operator interface, a touchscreen display, and soft detent implement controls for easy operation. To minimize machine vibration feedback to the operator, cab isolation mounts and seat air suspension are employed. For those seeking even greater operator comfort, an optional air-cooled and heated seat is available.

The 988 GC’s productivity and efficiency are further boosted by user-friendly integrated technologies. Product Link provides wireless access to crucial operational data, facilitating monitoring, management, and optimization of jobsite operations. The machine’s standard rear Cat vision system improves visibility behind the 988 GC, ensuring safe and confident operation. For enhanced safety of personnel and assets, the 988 GC can be outfitted with Cat Detect technology, enhancing awareness of the working equipment’s surroundings.

Caterpillar releases new 988 GC wheel loader

The Z-bar front lift arm design offers clear visibility to the bucket edges and work area, streamlining operation. The bucket payload is in line with the 988K models, and a variety of Cat Performance Series buckets are accessible, featuring capacities ranging from 6.3 to 7.6 m3 (8.3 to 10 yd3).

Presenting data in real-time to enhance efficiency and mitigate overloading, the optional Cat Payload offers dynamic weighing for materials loaded and transported. An optional Advanced Productivity subscription delivers comprehensive, actionable insights to aid in managing and enhancing operational productivity and profitability.

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