Mining customer Teck announces deal

Mining customer Teck announces deal

At Caterpillar, we share the concerns of governments and the public about the risks of climate change and support global mitigation efforts. That’s why we partner with clients to chart a successful path to a low-carbon future.

While this is a challenging task, it is also an exciting and opportunity-filled time for Caterpillar and our customers. We are especially excited about this collaboration as it is an opportunity to work with clients to help shape the future of mineral deposits with a positive global impact.


Teck, a leading Canadian mining company, has announced a deal with Caterpillar to promote zero-emission mining vehicles. Teck’s Vancouver-headquartered business units focus on coal mining for copper, zinc and steel production. The company also has investments in energy assets.


Collaboration agreement with Caterpillar to distribute 30Cat® large zero-emission trucks, including mining Cat® Teck. The two companies will work together in a multi-stage approach including initial development, pilot testing and distribution.

Caterpillar Group President Denise Johnson added: “We look forward to partnering with Teck to support their climate goals and develop solutions to improve operational efficiency while significantly reducing emissions. We are very excited to strengthen our partnership and achieve results.”

Rollout will begin at Elk Valley, British Columbia’s Teka plant in 2027. This should introduce one of Canada’s first fleets of large trucks with zero emissions and Caterpillar undercarriage options.


Teck is committed to the responsible development of mining. The company is aware of its role in the transition to a low-carbon economy and has developed a strategy with short-term and long-term targets to reduce emissions with the goal of achieving emissions neutrality by 2050.

Similarly, Caterpillar is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by helping our customers achieve their environmental goals. We recently announced seven new sustainable development goals to be achieved by 2030.

There is no doubt that we have a great task ahead of us. This agreement between Teck and Caterpillar is another step in their partnership to create a better world. At Caterpillar, we will continue to work with customers across the company to develop solutions that enable customers to successfully achieve their business and environmental goals.

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